The Caleuche


The Caleuche is a mythological ship that crosses the seas of the south of Chile. There are many interpretations of this myth. One of them is that in the Caleuche there are parties with plenty of luxuries and with a seemingly polite crew. Another one, is that the Caleuche attract people with its music to enslave them for eternity. While doing so, the Caleuche uses it's magic to deform their bodies, leading one of their legs to their back. Another version says that the Caleuche transports sorcerers with their merchandising or because they do parties. There is also a version where the Caleuche is a living being that swear revenge on humanity because some mariners killed its girlfriend, a southern sea lion. The thing that all these versions have in common is that the Caleuche is some kind of ghost ship that can disappear at will, that its presence its usually a bad sign and that the Caleuche doesn't like to be seen by everyone. If someone tries to see it but the Caleuche doesn't' consider him worthy, it can use its magic to curse them. It is possible that this myth came as a reinterpretation of the "Flying Dutchman" or because of the failed expeditions to the Magallanes.

The video about The Caleuche

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