The Huenchula


The Huenchula was a girl who lived in Cucao lake with her parents. She was a beautiful girl and every man in the neighbor village felt admiration for her. Her mother gave her the task to bring water from the lake every day, a task the Huenchula diligently did, until an animal, like a sea lion, began to stalk her. One day, the creature graved the Huenchula's hand. She, instead of feeling fear, felt love for the creature and went with him to the depts of the ocean. When her mother started to feel nervous about the absence of her daughter, she went to look for her only to find the jar she used, filled with a red substance. A year later, the Huenchula reappeared bringing gifts from her husband, a powerful king, who was also the father of the creature she was holding. The baby was completely wrapped and inside a wood vessel, and no one was allowed to look it. However, in a day were the creature was left in the care of Huenchula's parents, they couldn't resist to look it and the creature became water. Filled with sorrow, the Huenchula ran with the remains of the creature to meet her husband and never return.

The video about the Huenchula 

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