The Pincoya


After the Huenchula ran from her parent's house with the remains of her daughter. She went to the ocean to meet her husband, the king of the ocean, the Millalobo, and tell him what happened. After telling her story, the Millalobo presented her a wooden vessel with her daughter. Noticing that her daughter was safe, she decided to name her the Pincoya. The Pincoya is a beautiful lady that emerges from the ocean, using seaweed as a dress. When she dances looking at the ocean, indicates the abundance of fishes and shellfishes. However, if the Pincoya dances looking at land, its an indication of an imminent shortage of those resources. Besides, the Pincoya also rescues shipwreck survivors taking them to a safe place, but if those seamen are already dead, she takes their bodies to the Caleuche, in the hopes that their souls would be in a better place.

The video about the Pincoya

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