The Trauco


The Trauco is a mythological creature that inhabits the forests of Chiloe. He is an ugly man whose stature doesn't exceed 1 meter (around 3,3 feet). He doesn't have feet, only legs, and it's because of this that he uses a walking stick called pahueldún. He also carries a magical stone axe that uses to cut down a tree whit only three swings of it. He wears hat and clothes made of Quilineja, a plant from the zone that is also his food. This creature loves women and uses the power of his gaze to seduce them and his breath to enter their dreams leaving them pregnant in the process. On the other hand, the Trauco hates men, and uses the power of his gaze and his breath to brake their bones, deform their faces or condemn them to death. Some people believe that this myth was born from families whose daughter ended up pregnant before marrying, as a way to protect the mother and her child from society, since the newborn came to be due to magic reasons.

The video about The Trauco

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